The Human Menagerie

“When you have nothing to go back to, you just stand there staggering, in a very perilous state I must add. Your discernment deprived of stability and troubling, oh! Very troubling for the ones you loved ” he spoke rapidly, followed by a convulsive catching of breath before he resumed. “But do not worry my […]

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I Heard Love is Blind

The last I’d seen of Amy, she had this crumbled piece of aluminum foil fastened with gummed paper bands, which seemed to have been crookedly placed on the coarse surfaced foil in an act of desperation. She’d had her hands clenched, her fists grasping the foil. Restraining two estranged lovers from reuniting. It was her […]

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Language in Othello

In a play dominated by heavy innuendo and characters with conflicting motives, Shakespeare uses register in his writing, as a strong determinant of characters’ perspective on themes such as reputation and power. The tone and diction, used in the set register, are often varying depending on who the character is conversing with and the characters’ […]

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The suitable protaganist

Compared to the red-brick walls and the newly furnished fixtures that stood upstairs, the basement was a cold disappointment. Elias often paid a visit to the distraught walls of rugged, on the verge of peeling-off plaster, when he yearned for a bit of alone time. His craving for solitude was perhaps somewhat more than a […]

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